Aoi Koizumi (古泉 あおい) novaburst
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XDG .desktop files go brrrr

Updated 2 days ago

Silly reimplementation of nofetch(1) in Go

Updated 1 week ago

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Also known as MyPorts · Makefile-based ports infrastructure tailored to my needs. Formerly 'youmu'

Updated 1 week ago

Emacs Lisp 0 0


Updated 10 hours ago

Hopefully transitory fork of helloSystem's disk image builder.

Updated 1 month ago

Roff 0 0

Start a wayland compositor

Updated 3 months ago

Python 0 0 - but somehow modularized and more unstable as a result. Named after the Neon Genesis: Evangelion character.

Updated 4 months ago

Discordian Public License

Updated 1 month ago

Collection of shell scripts

Updated 2 weeks ago